Hēma-Quēbec celebrates its 25th anniversary

A quarter of a century is not insignificant. Proud of what it has accomplished and ready for the challenges of the future, Héma-Québec is marking this important milestone in multiple ways, including by creating this site that showcases its history, as well as that of its donors, volunteers, employees, and partners. 

Through its dynamic, lively and interactive timeline, you’ll be able to go back in time and discover (or rediscover!) Héma-Québec’s rich history, marked by advances, innovations and discoveries – and occasionally even small miracles!

You’ll also be able to read testimonials, pinned to our interactive bulletin board, that come from all the players in the Héma-Québec community who wanted to express what the organization means to them. Are you interested in participating? We want to hear your story!

Finally, the podcast for the 25th provides you with an immersive experience. By listening to its episodes in any order you like, you will immediately catch the thread that connects them all: Héma-Québec’s important mission of saving lives.


Share your story

Do you want to add your testimonial to Héma-Québec’s collective story? All members of our community are welcome on our interactive bulletin board. We want to read what you have to say!